Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Bridges symbolize "hands" in my perspective. When I see a bridge I know that it is there to take a person from one side to another . Two sides coming together .
It is in this time of political fervor that I stand on the one side looking at what HISTORY has taught ; respecting Life . I see also the other side of conscientious people who want "change"for the sake of change ; ease in living ,spending, stopping the war . Some seem blinded by the charisma of this age.
We will see . History is a wonderful teacher . Time will tell . My prayer for us as a people. That whatever needs to be shaken ; it will take us all to our core values . That our "Bridge" be God . Alpha and Omega . Oh! that every knee would bow on earth and in the heavens . "Bridging" our hearts .

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